Wednesday, June 27, 2007

merlin and more on RSS Feeds

(Week 4, Thing 9)

I have already stated my opinion of RSS feeds, but I think I should add a little more. I understand how Bloglines could be useful to some people and I could advise a patron on how to use the site, but it just isn't useful for me. However, I just tried a new website called Feedster and I found it highly useful. Instead of keeping track of various blogs, like Bloglines, Feedster allows users to easily search blogs for a specific topic. This is similar to Technorati, but I like the Feedster interface better. If I need to find opinions on a certain recent topic, both Technorati and Feedster will be useful.

I also explored merlin, Maryland's Essential Resource for Library Information Networks. It is obviously easier to just say "merlin." I was required to add merlin to my Bloglines account but, as I noted before, I never check the thing. I prefer to just go to the merlin website, which is actually very useful. When I look at merlin news on Bloglines I don't get any of the links to blogs about library technology. Once again, I don't like what is lost in the condensed RSS version of a website.

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