Wednesday, June 27, 2007


(Week 8, Thing 19)

Yelp! is a website created as a searchable guide for different cities. As Calvert County is a suburban area, I was not expecting to find much for the area. In fact, when I went to the website it caught my IP address and assumed that I was looking for information about the greater Baltimore area. However, a search certain topics in Chesapeake Beach did turn up results. I was able to find a reviews for Mexico Restaurant and a few other places.

There were not a ton of reviews about local places in the Calvert area, but at least this is a start! With the Baltimore default there is not a browse feature for different categories. Instead, I needed to search out things. As the website continues to expand I hope that they will add specific guides to suburban areas. For now, though, I can access at least a small amount of local information and, if one of our patrons is travelling, I can suggest this website as a supplement to the library's travel guides.

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