Monday, May 21, 2007

Avatar generators make me sad.

(Week 5, Thing 10)

One of the assignments for 23 Things is to use an online image generator. My previous work with one such generator can be seen here. The trading card image manipulator and other neat things - like a Warholizer and a movie poster generator - can be found at FDToys. I highly recommend all of their services.

However, I was not nearly as successful with an optional part of this assignment. I had the option of creating an avator on Yahoo Avatars. I tried to do a pirate thing, but most of the pirate stuff has Verizon logos on it for some reason, and I'm no sellout. I have a Verizon logo on my eye patch, but the logo was just too big on the full pirate outfit. Therefore, I had to change into the penguin handler's outfit. Then I tried to recreate my goatee, but it only had a santa beard and stubble. I wanted to alter my eye color, but my eyes are gray and they don't have that as an option. I found a Colosseum background - as I have been there before - but it doesn't show nearly as much as I've seen. Also, the haircolor options didn't come close to my natural color. Sure, green and purple are options, but orangish strawberry blond is not available.

In short, Yahoo Avatars have made it clear to me that I look too weird to translate into digital forms. Below you can see how close I was able to come. There is also an option to select your mood within this program. As you can see from my avatar's face I am sad, sad indeed about not being able to create something that truly looks like me.

Yahoo! Avatars

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