Saturday, May 19, 2007

Free downloadable silent films!

(Week 9, Thing 22)

As mentioned below, I have a strong interest in silent films. Most libraries only have a limited number of DVDs of these classics, though, because the lack of interest in this field by most people leads to low circulation. However, anyone who has a library card in the state of Maryland can use the Maryland Digital eLibrary to download digital videos of many classic silent films. Most of these videos are taken from DVDs produced by Image Entertainment, a company that has generally made a great effort to see that silents they release are well restored and include appropriate, high quality music scores.

I usually prefer silent comedies, so a search for "Chaplin" brings up some interesting videos. I strongly recommend the Chaplin Mutual Series, which is probably his best work. Also, a search for "landmarks" brings up the two volume "Landmarks of Early Films" series. Volume two focuses exclusively on French film pioneer Georges Melies, who created some special effects films that still seem brilliant today.

Audiobooks and Adobe eReader books are also available on this site, as well as some other films. However, I still can't help but to think of this website primarily as a great resource for classic silent films.

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