Tuesday, May 22, 2007


(Week 6, Thing 13)

On the sidebar of this page - right below my picture - is a link for del.icio.us. In many ways this is a way to make links portable, but it does far more. The website allows users to install software enhancements for their web browsers to "tag" various websites. I added charliechaplin.com to my links on del.icio.us by tagging it, but I was also able to attach certain keywords to it. When other del.icio.us users search for a certain term that I attached to this website - "chaplin" for example - this link will now come up along with the fact that I have tagged it.

del.icio.us also has a social networking aspect. As you can see from the link on the sidebar, anyone visiting this blog can click to see what websites I have tagged. I know that I don't have much now, but I will try to tag more in the future. Other users can also add me as a friend to regularly check my tag list, and it is possible to search the website to find users with similar interests based on their links and tags.

As library websites often link to community information and trustworthy research websites, del.icio.us may become a useful supplemental took to attract patrons who are already using social networking tools.

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