Saturday, May 19, 2007

Silent Star Wars. Awesome.

(Week 9, Thing 20)

YouTube and other video websites allow users to post videos online or search for other people postings. I was trying to find a family friendly video to post to give a good example of what YouTube can do. I was considering going with a video of some chickens breaking up a fight between two rabbits, but I decided to go with the above video instead. It goes along with my interest in silent film, and it shows just what amazing things you can do with some cheap video editing equipment.

I had seen this video online a few months ago and wanted to find it again for this posting. Once I went to YouTube it took my less than 10 seconds to bring it up. Additionally, this first video inspired other people to create their own Star Wars silent short films. Fortunately George Lucas has a good sense of humor and doesn't mind his copyrighted material being slightly altered. It will be interesting to see how YouTube evolves, as it should be possible for libraries to create their own video sections in the future that include videos about community events.

Did you know that MySpace and YouTube together have decreased workplace productivity in the United States by 80%? It's a fact!

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