Monday, May 21, 2007

Muppet Search!

(Week 5, Thing 12)

Rollyo is website that allows users to create custom search engines that use up to 25 websites. If someone regularly needs information about a certain subject - Muppets, for example - they would be able to find what they consider the most reliable Muppet websites and include them. The custom Rollyo search engine would then search these sites as well as sponsor websites for Rollyo (, et cetera). The sponsor searches can be a bit annoying, as they get in the way of the sites that each custom engine was designed to search. However, these sites can be ignored and Rollyo has to pay the bills somehow.

Below is my own custom search engine, Muppet Search! Be sure to click to select the proper engine first.

Powered by Rollyo

This engine works best when you search for a specific Muppet. I felt the need to include other sites that would pull up Muppet related results, such as, Wikipedia, and YouTube, so if you type in something totally irrelevant to the Muppets it will rely primarily on these sites. I will try to add more sites to this engine later and find ways to better refine the results, but right now this is probably the best Muppet related search engine on the web! Hopefully, Rollyo will improve with time and become a more efficient way to find topic specific information.

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