Saturday, May 19, 2007

Podcasts - Learn Italian

(Week 9, Thing 21)

One of my undergraduate degrees is in Italian. This doesn't mean that I speak Italian well, but I can carry on a basic conversation and read most things. However, I haven't been able to return to the country in about 2 years, and I am slowly forgetting what I know of the language.

When I bought an MP3 player a few months ago I immediately tried to find Italian language podcasts to use as a refresher. Of all of the podcasts I have tried, though, the best seems to be the recently created QuiItalia - or "Here in Italy" - which I found through podOmatic. The author of the QuiItalia blog and podcast is a guy about my age named Gianluca (Pronounced John-Luke-Uh) who has a wonderful, clear, well paced speaking voice. The podcast is updated about bi-weekly and contains some general, interesting information about different parts of the country. Additionally, it took less than a minute to find this site and several other Italian language resources on podOmatic.

If any other librarians are reading this, you may want to recommend this podcast to your patrons. Specifically, if anyone has basic, conversant comprehension of the Italian or has worked their way through the highest level of Pimsleur, Gianluca may be able to help them advance their knowledge.

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